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Vaastu Consultation Services in Sri Lanka

We are available Vastu consultations. A professional Vastu analysis and consultation by Mr. Godakanda Arachchi. Provide practical solutions, advice and tools that can help you correct the existing defects and restore the natural balance and tranquility of your living or working space.

We visit any part in Sri Lanka for consulting vastu in your home office or any kind of building, Please reserved your Date and time before week.

Selection of the Land Plot

We will provide you with the assistance & services in selection of the best suitable plot.

Design and Drafting

Design and drafting house, office and any kind of building according to vaastu and we supply set of plans for constructing and Council propose.

Services in Detail

  1. Site visiting for measure in land and get an idea about condition of the land.
  2. Discussion about the placement of items in building on the land.
  3. We provided sketch with 3D within 2 or 3 working days.
  4. Discussion about your sketch with you and making alteration.
  5. Preparing horoscope and matching with your Living area in proposed house.
  6. We provided complete sets of construction documents within 3 working days after finalizing sketch with you.
    • Sets of drawing for council propose
    • Construction plan
    • Structural detail
    • Plumbing and Electrical plans
    • Vaastu guide book for post designing process
  7. Providing collection of 3D views and floor plan photos in CD.
  8. Free 2 times site visiting
  9. Consulting working with your engineer or builder.
  10. 8am to 8pm Phone assistant Services.