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Vaastu Consultation

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Vaastu Consultation Services in Sri Lanka

Of course it is not difficult for anyone to take Vaastu consultation or Vaastu advice from globally renowned Vaastu Shastra consultant Mr. J. Godakanda Arachchi. Either one may call him personally for Vaastu consultancy services at the site itself i.e. for a vacant residential or commercial plot or a built-up, under construction or under consideration site/s or one may make the best use of the latest technologies of getting connected through skype, phone, SMS, e-mail, internet, chat-room, video-conferencing & etc.

Some of my consultations are ;

  • Implementation of vaastu principles without demolition
  • Interiors as per vaastu & feng shui
  • Periodic visits & supervision
  • Consultancy for family harmony
  • Consultancy for financial growth
  • Consultancy for Kids & their well being
Consultant Vaastu Sri Lanka